Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Waverly Belmont


What time does school begin and dismiss?

School begins at 8am each day. School doors open at 7:45am. If your child is eating breakfast, the cafeteria doors open at 7:35am. Students will remain in the cafeteria until 7:45am. At that time, they will be dismissed to their classrooms. Breakfast ends at 7:55am. If students arrive in their classroom past 8am, they will be marked tardy.

If my child is a walker, where should I pick him or her up? What about a car rider?

If you indicated that your child is a walker for dismissal, they are dismissed through the library doors (on the Caruthers Ave. side of the building). At dismissal time, walkers are escorted to the library. Parents will see the line forming outside the building to pick up your student via their dismissal number.

If you indicated that your child is a car rider, you will enter the school grounds via 11th Ave. All students will be issued a dismissal number. Please have the car tag hanging from the rear view mirror.

Please avoid changing or having inconsistent dismissal schedules.

What do I need if I am entering the school during school hours?

To enter the school building, you must go to the front of the school building (by the flagpole) and push the button on the door to be buzzed in. For your visit, you are required to bring your driver’s license to be scanned into Metro’s system. You will be printed a badge that must be worn at all times while you are in WB’s building.

What is SSA?

Standard School Attire is the required clothing for all Waverly Belmont students. Students must wear a solid, collared shirt and black, khaki, navy pants, shorts, skirts or dresses. Leggings may not be worn as pants. Jeans are acceptable without holes or tears. Waverly Belmont Spirit Wear shirts can be worn any day of the week with SSA bottoms. Spirit Wear can be purchased at any time by emailing [email protected]

What time is lunch?

Lunch runs from 10:25am-1:05pm. Your child’s teacher will have his/her specific lunch time.


Do students get recess?

Students will receive a scheduled recess daily, along with multiple brain breaks. During those brain breaks, students may move around the room or be at their desks decompressing - whichever they choose!

Can I walk my child to their class?

On the first day of school, we allow parents to walk their students to class.

When will I know which class my child is in?

Waverly Belmont has a Roster Reveal/Meet the Teacher event every year before school starts! You are encouraged to come to school, meet your student’s teacher and take a look around their new classroom! We suggest bringing school supplies that night so that you don’t have to worry about bringing them in the first day of school.


What is the procedure for bringing in treats for my child’s birthday?

We do not allow cakes/cupcakes/cookies or treats for birthdays.