3rd Grade

3rd grade at WB is the place to be! 

Currently, we have four 3rd grade teachers: Ms. Gumucio, Ms. Mansy, Ms. Robertson, and Mrs. West.

Student engagement is one of the greatest predictors of academic success! Therefore, we strive to engage our students by immersing them in knowledge-rich, grade-level text with complex vocabulary words. We push our students to be independent readers, thinkers, and writers. We build reading and writing stamina, and we learn how to organize and write multi-paragraph essays. In 3rd grade, we focus on providing text evidence to answer questions or to justify our thoughts. As for math, our goal is to build a deeper conceptual knowledge of numbers, as well as, fractions. We also build fluency with multiplication and division.

3rd grade students have the following daily academic sessions: Morning Meeting, English & Language Arts, Math, and Bulldog Time (Intervention). Science and Social Studies are typically embedded within our English & Language Arts curriculum. For intervention, we are using iReady for Math and LexiaCore for English & Language Arts. 3rd grade students also participate in Recess and one of five Related Arts classes each day. Our Related Arts classes include Spanish, Wellness, Art, Music, and PE. Our Related Arts teachers are very talented! 

We hope to see you soon at WB!