Social Emotional Learning

Building Relationships

At Waverly Belmont, our job is to teach, and this applies to more than academics.

At the elementary tier, we are teaching our children “how to do school.” Our diverse population of students has a diverse set of needs - academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. It’s our job to teach our expectations in all of these areas and hold our students accountable to our expectations. We do this through a tiered system of support. This is how we provide our students with Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

All students are expected to follow our schoolwide expectations throughout the school day-- classroom, hallways, recess, cafeteria, related arts, etc. We explicitly teach and model these expectations for our students, and we reinforce these expectations with positive praise and incentives. We create classroom environments where students feel loved and safe. We give second chances, fresh starts, and voice/choice. Students are provided opportunities to share, collaborate, reflect, and request times to calm down, when needed.

Students are part of a classroom community. Teachers take time EVERY DAY to build relationships in the classroom and provide opportunities for community building. This occurs, specifically, during morning meeting at the start of each day. Part of the teaching process does sometimes require consequences. These consequences can occur naturally or the consequences may be part of our schoolwide progressive discipline procedure. (See our WB parent/student handbook.)
We want to partner with you to provide your child with a solid foundation of social emotional learning. You know your child best, and we value your input in addressing all social emotional needs of your child(ren). If we ever feel your child is in need of Tier II or Tier III behavior interventions, or if you feel that these interventions are needed, we will work together to create a plan of success for your child. You are always the captain of your child’s team, and we’re all here to work together.