2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd grade at Waverly Belmont Elementary! 

We have five teachers in 2nd grade:  Ms. Mgbemere, Mr. Rackoff, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Tressler and Ms. Veltri. We focus on social emotional learning, group work, and meeting students’ needs in order to ensure all children learn and grow every day. 

A typical day in 2nd grade at Waverly Belmont consists of morning meeting, ELA (reading and writing mini-lessons + independent work and small groups), Bulldog Time (interventions), Math (Eureka curriculum with Zearn and iReady as supports), and Related Arts. 

Every year, 2nd grade puts on a big project called Hallway of Heroes Wax Museum. During this project, students research an American hero, write a biography of their hero’s life, write and memorize a speech about their hero in first person, and dress up and perform their speech for an audience. This is a project we look forward to every year, and the kids always blow us away with their hard work! 

We also do an Animal Research project each year. Here, students choose an animal and research that animal’s diet, habitat, life cycle, family, and other interesting facts. Students also create an animal habitat diorama to display their work. 

We hope you enjoyed getting a peek into life as a WB 2nd grader!