1st Grade

Welcome to the wonderful world of first grade!  

Our talented team includes five all-star teachers who love what they do: Mrs. Gough, Ms. Kent, Mrs. Kiffmeyer, Ms. Morton and Ms. Wickes. 

When you enter our classrooms, you will more than likely catch us in the middle of a silly song or dance. From our “Hunk and Chunk” phonics chants, to our “Greater than, Less than” math dance we believe that the best way to learn is by making it impossible to forget. Trust us, these songs will even get stuck in YOUR heads! 

Since first grade is such an integral point of growth for students both academically and socially, we incorporate lessons on SEL, diversity, and social responsibility in everything we do. We workout our strong brains, learn how to manage our tricky emotions, celebrate other cultures, and practice being a good friend.  

In 2020, we were proud to put on WB’s first Black History Month program. The students loved showcasing their new knowledge and celebrating important figures in our history.  
Another of our most exciting projects is our “Doctors” unit. During this unit, our students learn all about the human body and become “experts” in their field. It all culminates with a big showcase where students don real medical gear and share what they’ve learned with families and friends.  

Our job is to teach and grow our students, but they truly cause us to learn and grow every day.